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Advice for OSRS Money Making guide and 80% off OSRS gold on Rsorder on Mar. 20

, 17 March 2017 -- Advice for OSRS Money Making guide and 80% off OSRS gold on Rsorder on Mar. 20

Today I will tell you about another scam that has huge potential even today. Although people have been using this scam for many years, it's still active in both - OSRS and RS3. It has many shapes and forms and can be done in very creative ways. I will talk about a few methods to use this scam but if you ever decide to try runescape 07 gold it out, be creative. Being creative is what makes you Runescape gold. Since I mainly play OSRS i will tell how it works in RS2007, but all of these principals can be applied in Runescape 3 as well.
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How it works:
The whole idea of this scam is to get people to buy your over priced items. These over priced items can range from clue rewards to uncommon items in the game. I won’t mention any uncommon items, but you can find overpriced clue scroll rewards in Old School Runescape Wikia page. You can also use items that look similar, but their prices differ. A great example would be Torture amulet and Zanyte amulet. Both of these items look exactly the same, but Torture amulet costs 14m and Zanyte amulet is 21m.

Now, how do you get someone to buy these items from you?
This is where you get creative. One pretty good way to do that is to stand in the Grand exchange and say that you are doing a bank sale. Have a few good items in there and add a few bad items too. The person you will be trading will see how much the items you have put up are worth, but the thing is that the prices are based on the Grand exchange prices. That means, that if an item costs 100k in the Grand exchange, but you could actually buy the item for 10k, the trade window will still show that its worth 100k. So all you would have to do is tell the person to put up a little less than the price checker says the items are worth and hope he presses accept.
Another place you could use this scam is the Duel arena. Although i wouldn’t recommend doing that, because all the stakers are smart. Unless you find someone who isn’t a professional staker, this scam won’t work. The same principals apply while using it in the duel arena. Simply put up a few good items along with a few bad ones and hope that you get the stake. The only difference is that there's a chance of losing the stake. But don't worry, as long as you keep doing it, you will be making a profit in the end.
Another good way to sell over priced items is to stand in a busy area (GE won’t work) and spam that you are selling, let’s say, a Housidious banner for 1m. Get a friend to come near you, but far enough, that you couldn’t see him clearly and have him spam that he is buying a Housidious banner for say 2m. It could take some time, but soon enough someone will see this as an investment opportunity and buy the banner from your friend and once he does that, simply hop to another world and split all the Runescape gold you made with your friend.
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Submitted by biggamefan on Friday, 17 March 2017 at 10:12 AM
Category: Education
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