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Posh Pooches Presents: 5 Things To About Cat Grooming and Lion Cuts

Posh Pooches presents 5 topics about its Cat Grooming “Lion Cut” service. Further information can be found at


, 3 January 2018

Posh Pooches Presents: 5 Things To About Cat Grooming and Lion Cuts

Posh Pooches talks about 5-6 facts about its Cat Grooming ‘Lion Cut’, available in their Pet Grooming salon. You can book an appointment by visiting the website and calling to arrange your booking, which fans and consumers within the Pet Grooming space should find particularly interesting. The 5 items include nuggets such as how grooming a cat with a Lion Cut can be helpful to the health of a cat. After gaining pet grooming experience with dogs, the idea for performing Lion Cuts came about after Debra started doing the cut with her own cat Tommy. Tommy was an outdoor cat and wasn’t grooming himself well. He had matted fur and wasn’t the greatest smelling cat, to be honest. After the first groom, Tommy was cleaner, matted fur was gone, there was less shedding, and actually groomed himself more than prior to the groom.... Debra continued to do the Lion Cut with Tommy and other initial cat customers who were looking for a cat groomer. Tommy became a more affectionate and lively cat. With more engagement from the family, Tommy also started to become more playful and seemed overall more happy. Customers commented on similar changes in their own cats as well. Like most cats, Tommy doesn’t always like to be groomed, but once the grooming process is complete, the positive change in his behaviour shows how much he enjoys the new haircut. Unlike many groomers, Posh Pooches did something different compared to other businesses in the Pet Grooming space, one of the major differences with a cat groom at Posh Pooches, is it’s always done with two (2) people. Cats can be very unpredictable, and difficult cats can still be expertly groomed with extra hands. . Ultimately, each cat may come for a groom for different reasons, but each is treated as if it’s their own cat. There are never any sedatives used, and each cat is handled in a gentle manner from start to finish. Cat grooming at Posh Pooches started when Founder Debra Levy noticed a growing need for Lion Cuts in the community, it seemed there weren’t enough groomers servicing the cats that needed to be groomed. Debra has been giving cats a Lion Cut groom for more than 4 years. Starting with dog grooming Debra decided to go ahead and begin grooming cats as well after Posh Pooches was formed in 2012. Debra Levy is quoted saying: “We like to connect with our consumers and customers. via our Social Media on Facebook and Instagram. Posh Pooches cat grooming with the Lion Cut has been available for 4+ years. To find out more, visit Do Cats Need A Lion Cut? For more facts and further information about Posh Pooches, follow this link

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