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Cannon Packing & Logistics Provides Clients With Huge 9000 Square Metre Warehouse

, 13 June 2018 -- When it comes to warehousing and fulfilment services, Cannon Packing & Logistics truly stands out.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2018 – At Cannon Packing & Logistics, service always goes above and beyond customers’ expectations, particularly when it comes to contract packing, ecommerce and warehouse fulfilment, labelling, and other packing and logistical services. The company, which has a prime location in Oxford’s Abingdon, can actually trace its origins as far back as the 1900s, and it offers truly outstanding services which come with the benefits of permanent staff (125 in all), private ownership which results in more personalised care and services, and systems which are process-driven across the board.

The history of Cannon Packing & Logistics is long and fascinating, as it started out in the 1900s with a local farmer who decided to provide a service of moving products. In the 1950s and 60s, the company became involved in the construction of the A34 and also delved into a large expansion project with BMC Motors, and in the 1980s, it began to adopt a production system based on IT. In 2010, it enhanced its service offerings, and today, it already has a more strategic plan for the business and is looking forward to what the future can bring.

But one of the key factors which allow Cannon Packing & Logistics to provide a more thorough and efficient (as well as competitive) service is its huge warehouse, which measures a total of 9000 square metres. With an amply-sized warehouse like this, Cannon Packing & Logistics can provide a warehouse and fulfilment service which is more flexible and can adapt to clients’ demands with ease.

Along with this, Cannon Packing & Logistics offers 24-hour security, pallet bases of any size, locations in pallets, mezzanines, and in bulk; the destuffing of containers, a perpetual and consistent inventory system, temperature control, and both short- and long-term arrangements. Additionally, Cannon Packing & Logistics also offers a covered unloading area for clients’ stock and wares, and clients are only required to pay for what they use and are not forced to pay for something which they don’t need.

About the company:Cannon Packing & Logistics prioritises its clients’ satisfaction overallwith the services it provides, which includelabelling, ecommerce fulfilment, contract packing, and a lot more. For those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by Cannon Packing & Logistics, visit the website.

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