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Communication Is Becoming The Most Necessary Thing In Our Life

, 11 October 2018 -- These above-mentioned are just two types of technology used in various fields of communication. There are several other techniques or software involved in the process of communication. As communicating is important for us, it is also important for us to choose the best suitable way of communication to get an un-interrupted communication experience.

Nowadays, communication is something one cannot live without. Through communication, one can express their emotions and communicate with each other. There are certain technologies involved in making this communication experience a hassle-free one.  Technologies like SIP trunking and Hosted call center dialer are used to make the communication experience a better and un-interrupted one.
What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunking stands for Session Initiation Protocol trunking. SIP trunking is a service provided by the telecommunication company. SIP trunking uses some protocols to provide provision voice over IP. SIP trunking is basically an alternative for digital Primary Rate Interference, which uses the time-based technology.
SIP trunking offers a great flexibility than TDM. TDM Trunks generally requires 23 channels, where these SIP trunks require no dedicated Wide Area Network (WAN).
SIP Trunking provides some additional benefits as well-

• For security needs, voice calls are encrypted
• Routing calls to emergency numbers with proper location details
• Backup trunks and locations of the calls
• It provides protection against toll fraud
• DoS protection
• Reporting of usage and performance
• Interconnection with the cellular networks

What is Hosted Call Center Dialer?

A Hosted dialer is like an auto-dialerthat is based on the cloud. Cloud dialers are often cheap as compared to traditional dialers, as they are easy to configure. This software system can be beneficial for the companies who are looking for a communication technology to communicate with their customers.
It gives the ability to communicate across various channels like e-mail, live chat, and social media. Their software might include facilities like auto-dialer, call analytics, predictive dialers, and speech analysis.
This Hosted call center is relatively cheaper than on-premise solutions. Hosted services are provided by the service provider; hence the call center needs not worry about implementing and maintaining the software. Data centers which offer these hosted services are very secure and reliable. As the service provider is responsible for implementing and maintaining the software, you can be assured of the newest technology in your communication system.

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