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Very Few Real Estate Investment Agents know how to help their Clients Shop for Loans and Best Deals.

Learn the things to keep in mind when investing on residential real estate market and the qualities to look for the right agent that will guide consumers in the whole process.

United States

, 7 November 2018

Very Few Real Estate Investment Agents know how to help their Clients Shop for Loans and Best Deals. Find insider tips on the skills to look for when selecting a real estate agent.

A short guide to residential real estate investment was discussed at the Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show hosted by Denver host, Barry Miller and Colorado Spring co-host, Larry Stanley. A residential real estate investment is considered a medium risk sort of investment where the home owners (referred to as the lessee) allows the leasers to rent their properties. Such properties may include residential houses, apartments, townhouses and vacation houses. It is said to be the best type of real estate investment because people will always need a place to stay and the human population is increasing. The guide incorporates summaries of the comments discussed by Barry Miller and Larry Stanley, considered leading real estate gurus who focus on the consumer’s best interests rather than the real estate agent’s best interests. The radio show airs at 8:00 am and 11:00 am on Saturdays in Colorado, and this specific episode examines the Nov. 3, 2018 commentary, with additional insights from the author. The report may be found here: along with a link to the full one hour broadcast of the show. The host of the show shared the keywords for the consumers who want to invest in residential real estate. They may use them as a guide to start the process. Purchasing or investing in a home requires a lot of work as consumers will most likely have to deal with many different service providers before closing. That’s why it is the important to find the right agent. A good buyers agent will help home buyers get the right home at the right price, proper financing, and an excellent return on investment. The guide suggests that consumers should ask their agents to help them shop for services; such as mortgages and insurance, that will be provided to them. In this way, the agents can help consumers avoid stress, and save time and money. Go to to find top quality real estate agents who can help buyers or sellers of real estate shop for services. The host encourages consumers to always call and contact the Best Agent Finder Network, headed by Kathleen Chiras. Barry Miller added that, “It’s really critical for the consumers to shop for the best agents. Kathleen has immensely helped consumers shop for top agents for the past 20 years. She’s a professional and a skilled real estate agent shopper. She and her team listen to the consumer’s needs and find the best agent for them.” Kathleen also commented that top agents carefully listen to what their client’s wants and need, and possess top negotiation skills. They also put in an MLS search that will provide listings with the parameters their clients are looking for. Consumers who want to either buy, sell, or invest in properties may utilize the free service by calling or stating some preferences on the form mentioned in the above site. They will encounter top-quality agents for most cities in the United States, Costa Rica and Canada. If looking for an exclusive buyer agents specifically in Colorado, consumers may visit the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association.

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