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Carrom Boards Acquiring Guidelines

, 22 January 2019 -- For carrom enthusiasts we have compared some of the major well-known carrom brands worldwide to get to know which brand is the best. Though as each brand is good in at least one aspect we wrote about pros and cons and pricing for each so you can make a decision what’s best for you.

Carrom Boards
The carrom board is undoubtedly one of the most essential a part of your gaming experience. The board surface should be dead flat - Budget boards with thin plywood are much less likely to supply a perfectly flat playing surface, and are much more susceptible to warping over time. The playing surface ought to be smooth to feel, with no bumps or irregularities. The corner pockets ought to be effectively completed and round. Thicker frames present much better rebound and stability, and carrom boards with polished wood frames are usually superior high quality than those with black painted ones - The latter are often manufactured with more affordable top quality wood with any irregularities filled and painted more than. The carrom board need to not wobble when placed horizontally, and there ought to not be any sharp edges or protruding nail or pin heads underneath. Get extra information about carrom board

Carrom Guys
Wooden carrom men needs to be properly completed, smooth to really feel and completely round. All carrom males should be the exact same size, which can be checked by stacking them vertically. The colour of every single disc should be solid and also the paint should not run.

Carrom Strikers
Strikers need to be perfectly round and smooth, with no visible irregularities or “manufacturing lines” underneath. It is advisable to purchase separate strikers for each and every player, as opposed to passing on one striker across players.

Carrom Powder
Common boric carrom powder must be used prior to every single game, to lower friction and boost gameplay. Teflon primarily based “Disco” carrom powder is abrasive and can harm the board surface more than time.

Carrom stands are a hassle-free way of playing carrom, however it is advisable to get the stand and board from the identical brand to avoid compatibility difficulties.

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