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, 25 March 2019 -- This Course will help you expand from just translation to running a full agency. Instead of just relying on one language in order to get business and clients

With growing integration of countries and cultures as well as the removal of structural barriers, the world is getting smaller. Now it is possible to grow a business and connect with partners and customers all over the world without any hassle at all. But technology has yet to move one barrier and that is the linguistic one. Still, there are areas where people don’t speak English and don’t intend to. To reach those areas that have blooming businesses, translating their language and communicating effectively is a must.

With growing global integration, opportunities of businesses are increasing along with the need of translators and translation agencies. Back and forth communication between different countries and cultures are made easier with translation and agencies that provide translation services. That’s why it is safe to say that the translation market will see a massive boom over the next few years.

The only way to get a piece of this pie is to build a translation agency now and get a first-mover’s advantage. And now there is a dedicated course available for the people who want to build their own translation agency. Yes, indeed it is the first one of its kind!

The course is designed and developed by Robert Gebhardt, a translation expert who knows multiple languages. Robert started his career as a freelance translator and went on to gradually grow his own very successful industry. Now he wants to share his experience and expertise with the world so translation agencies become more common than they are at this point in time.

The course is launched in, one of the world’s largest online learning platforms. Udemy has more than 24 million students at the moment, learning different things and skills for minimum prices. Certainly, this new course by Robert will attract quite a few translation enthusiasts.

The course is called How to Set up a Translation Agency: The Complete Guide. At the moment, the course is available for a massive discounted price of only $9.99. The regular price is $124.99. To access the discount, click on this link:

Robert certainly has chosen a very interesting and promising subject for his course. With his expertise, no wonder he will help a lot of students to grow their own profitable translation businesses.

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